Belle's at Montville | Flaxton Gold Coast QLD

Belle's at Montville

accommodation | Flaxton QLD 4560

(07) 5445 7556
12 Cynthia Hunt Drive , Flaxton QLD 4560

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A retreat where you may wish to just unwind and relax in the peaceful sub tropical surrounds and be entertained by the variety of feathered and furry friends on your balcony! Or maybe explore the historical hinterland region. You are only a few minutes’ drive from the boutique shopping and cafes of Montville, and 25 minutes to the dairy farming hubs of Maleny and Kenilworth, both renowned for their boutique cheeses and yoghurts.  (Your in-cottage breakfast provisions will include some of these fine local products!).  If shopping is not for you, Belles is only a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the Kondalilla Falls National Park, with numerous walks to suit all fitness levels where you will discover waterfalls, rock pools and an abundance of native fauna and flora in the setting of the natural rainforest. Or visit one of the Sunshine Coast beaches – all within easy reach from Belles. The world famous Australia Zoo is only a 30 minute drive. The options are varied and endless!
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