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Sanctuary Retreat

accommodation | Mission Beach QLD 4852

(07) 4088 6064
72 Holt Road, Mission Beach QLD 4852

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Sanctuary Retreat is an affordable accredited eco-tourism rainforest sanctuary, Eco-lodge and Yoga Retreat at Mission Beach, North Queensland, half way between Townsville and Cairns. Set on over 50 acres of lush tropical rainforest overlooking the Coral Sea, Sanctuary is as much a refuge for travellers as it is for wildlife. Designed to minimally impact on the outstanding natural values of the environment, Sanctuary offers guests an intimate, yet comfortable rainforest experience in a unique setting. Sitting high on a hill to catch the cooling breezes and views across the forest to the Coral Sea beyond, the Sanctuary Long House Restaurant and Bar captures the essence of the tropics. Polished hardwood floors, high ceilings with fans lazily shifting the balmy air and a large balcony situated perfectly to watch the sunrise heralded by a dawn chorus or a full moon appear out of the sea at sunset. Accommodation is in either secluded forest huts or deluxe canopy cabins nestled under the rainforest canopy. Sanctuary offers guests a unique insight into the ecology of a tropical rainforest along with the knowledge that by staying at Sanctuary, they are contributing to the conservation of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth....
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