Stranded Beach Stay Yeppoon | Kinka Beach Gold Coast QLD

Stranded Beach Stay Yeppoon

accommodation | Kinka Beach QLD 4703

(07) 4938 3610
2 Normanby Street, Kinka Beach QLD 4703

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Stranded Beach Stay Yeppoon is a unique affordable beach stay guesthouse situated directly across from Yeppoon main beach and esplanade. Boutique style accommodation offering a collection of five private guest rooms and creatively styled shared lifestyle spaces including a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. Great for couples, groups or solo travellers (children 12 and over are welcome). Restaurants, cafes and boutique shops all steps away from the front door. The perfect combination of location and style in the main street of Yeppoon. Stranded in Yeppoon? Your beach stay awaits....
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