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Cairns Night Zoo Logo and Images

Cairns Night Zoo

Clifton Beach, Palm Cove QLD 4879

We have a long standing reputation for offering our guests a great Australian night out! You get the opportunity to experience nocturnal wildlife in the tropics at Cairns' one and only Night Zoo.

Our guides will greet you at 7.00pm sharp at the Night Zoo entrance and escort you to our famous Aussie BBQ. Enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner of steak, sausages and seafood with fresh garden salads followed by a dessert. Relax with a drink from our licensed bar.

After dinner, our guides will provide you with a torch and lead you into the darkness to meet the creatures of the night. Learn how owls hunt, touch a possum and pat a koala. On clear nights our guides will take you star gazing. See the Southern Cross, the Big Dipper and other well known constellations.

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Tropical Day Spa

41 lot 2 Williams esplanade , Palm Cove QLD 4879