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Waltzing Matilda Centre Logo and Images

Waltzing Matilda Centre

50 Elderslie Street, Winton QLD 4735

If there is one song that lives in the hearts of all Australians, it is "Waltzing Matilda". Written by "Banjo" Paterson in 1895 near Winton, it has played a significant part in defining the Australian character.

The Waltzing Matilda Centre is the only attraction in the world dedicated to a song. It’s a one-stop tourism shop!  Self-guided tours allow you to experience this multi-award winning attraction at your own pace. Pull up a stump by the Billabong, where the swagman ghost tells his side of the story of Waltzing Matilda. Learn the truth, myth and romance behind Australia's favourite song in the interactive Legends Room. Wander through the outside displays of pioneering railways, trucks, buggies and early station life and equipment.  Explore the fascinating timeline of Winton's history in the Qantilda Museum. Visit the Outback Regional Gallery and Foyer, offering new exhibitions every six to eight weeks. You can also pick up a gift in the Station Store or just relax in the Coolibah Café with free WIFI.

Take a ‘Matilda’s Ghost’ guided tour to discover the truth and legend behind the story of the writing of Australia’s most famous song. Take a journey through time with the ‘Ghost’ of Banjo Paterson or Christina McPherson, who inspired him to write the song.  Your guide will reveal what brought Banjo to Winton, the events that led up to writing the song and the momentous fall-out from the scandal. A humorous, revealing and entertaining hour’s tour will begin with the story of the song as told by the swagman before Banjo or Christina share with you the intimate details of this event that changed their lives forever.

For your convenience an accredited Visitor Information Centre and Westpac In-store Bank is also located inside the Centre.

Admission Prices

Main Admission Prices:

  • Adult: $23.50
  • Concession: $20.50
  • Child: $11.75
  • Family $55.50

Banjo's Ghost Tour:

  • Adult: $38.50
  • Concession: $35.50
  • Child: $19.25
  • Family $93.00

* Includes entry to the rest of the attraction

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